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Thank you for your interest in the Kansas Adult Care Executives (KACE) Administrator-In-Training Program.  Being an Administrator is a very rewarding career.  If you are interested in this career field, it says a lot about you as a person.

The KACE Administrator-In-Training Program consists of 480 clock hours of time spent in an adult care setting learning all facets of the Administrator’s role.  The education requirement for your initial Kansas licensure is a minimum baccalaureate degree.The KACE training program is based on the National Association of Boards (NAB) of Adult Care Home Administrators training materials, the association that develops the national examination. In KACE's program you will be under the supervision of an experienced Administrator (Preceptor), and he/she will help guide you through the process of working within each department in the facility to understand the tasks and responsibilities in each area. 

The cost of the KACE program is $1,900.  For this fee you will receive or experience:

·         KACE AIT Resource Manual;

·         The NAB Examination Study Guide;

·         The NAB National Administrator-in Training Program Manual;

·         The book The Principles of Health Care by Joseph Townsend/Winborn Davis;

·         The book Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities Douglas A. Singh;       

·         LTC Survey & Enforcement Procedures  (2 book set);

·         Nursing Home Administration, James E. Allen;

·         The Licensure Exam Review Guide, James E. Allen;

·         The Long-Term Care Legal Desk Reference, Second Edition;

·         The state of Kansas Regulations (included in the KACE AIT Resource Manual)

·         A mandatory Day in Topeka to meet representatives from state agencies and professional      associations;

·         An Examination Preparation Seminar; taught by professionals currently practicing in the adult  care field; included in your fee - AIT Pre-test seminar.pdf

·         Two on-line practice tests through the NAB; and

·         If needed, assistance in finding a Preceptor.

In addition to receiving help from your Preceptor, a Mentor will be assigned to you from the KACE AIT Committee to help answer any questions you may have during the program.

The goal of the KACE AIT Program is to help you pass the national and state exams and to help you be the best Administrator you can be!  For an overview of the training requirements from KDADS click here: OVERVIEW OF TRAINING REQUIREMENTS - KDADS.docx and Initial Application Instructions2014docx.doc If you have any   questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact the KACE office.  The application form may be

found on our website


Dawn Veh


AIT Program Coordinator

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