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  • 11 May 2015 3:58 PM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    Happy National Nursing Home Week!  Although it’s only May, we are hard at work planning the KACE Convention to be held in August.  This summer will mark the 43rd annual KACE Convention.  It will held at the Wichita Marriott August 18-21, 2015.  Our theme this year is "Amp Up Your Game...Crank It Up With KACE."  Educational sessions will cover Dementia Care, Human Resources for Adult Care Facilities, Technology and Aging, and a host of other topics to help you amp up your game as an adult care professional.  Plan to come early for the pre-session and golf tournament on Tuesday, August 18 and stay for three days of learning, networking and fun.   Stay tuned to the KACE website throughout the summer for more information about the Convention and feel free to contact us if you have questions at (785)273-4393 or

    Professional Development Update –

    It’s not too late to register for the Topeka sessions of the workshop on assisted living regulations.  Sign up for the morning or afternoon session on the KACE Professional Development Calendar 

  • 04 May 2015 3:17 PM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    Did you know that the KACE Board of Directors is a working board of volunteers?  We are able to keep our administrative costs low at KACE because each of our twelve board members takes on a host of responsibilities at the association in addition to their individual jobs as adult care executives in facilities across the state.  Board members chair each of our KACE committees and do a significant amount of work on our educational offerings, budget and finances, legislative advocacy, AIT program, membership and all facets of our annual convention.  As the new executive director, I am extremely grateful for all of the work that our board does to make KACE a success. The next time you see one of our board members, consider taking a minute to thank them for all of the time they give to the association each year.  Our current KACE Board members are:  Dawn Veh (Chair), Kris Erickson (Secretary),  Chris Rea (Treasurer), Joe Cassidy, Lee Eaton, Gary Fowler, David Haase, Brad Heidrick, Valerie McGhee, Chris Osborn, Alicia Rumold, and Pam Sheets.


    Professional Development Update –

    The Wichita sessions of the workshop on assisted living regulations in Wichita have reached capacity, but there are still a number of openings in the morning and afternoon sessions of the workshop in Topeka on May 13th.  To learn more or to register, visit the KACE Professional Development Calendar

  • 27 Apr 2015 11:33 AM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    The Kansas Legislature returns to Topeka this Wednesday to wrap up the 2015 Legislative Session.  The main task at hand is to pass a budget for Fiscal Year 2016 and Fiscal Year 2017.  Unfortunately, this will be complicated by news from state officials last week that the state is anticipated to collect about $400 million less than needed to support current spending priorities for next year.  At the beginning of the session the governor proposed an increase in liquor and cigarette taxes.  If these tax increases pass the revenue collected is projected to eliminate about half of the shortfall ($210 million), leaving lawmakers to figure out how to balance the remainder of the budget.

    While we remain hopeful that the state’s current fiscal challenges won’t have a direct impact on the adult care field, it remains to be seen what the budget that ultimately passes the legislature will contain.  One recent change to the governor’s original budget recommendations submitted last week included the elimination of $52.8 million in funding during Fiscal Year 2017 to reflect the sunset of the nursing facility provider assessment.  This provision is scheduled to sunset on June 30, 2016 if it is not extended by lawmakers.  It seems that the governor’s staff had inadvertently left the funding in the first version of the budget for Fiscal Year 2017.  

    KACE will continue to monitor the budget process and notify members if action is necessary.

    Professional Development Update –

    The morning session of the May 5th workshop on assisted living regulations in Wichita has reached capacity, but there are two openings left in the afternoon of May 5th and a number of openings in the morning and afternoon sessions of the workshop in Topeka on May 13th.  To learn more or to register, visit the KACE Professional Development Calendar.

  • 20 Apr 2015 11:15 AM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    We are fortunate at KACE to have wonderful state partners in the adult care field.  

    Two weeks ago we attended the Kansas Health Care Association (KHCA) Spring Quality Conference in Manhattan where one of the highlights of the event was the annual Marty Hegarty Distinguished Citizen Recognition luncheon honoring the lives of the outstanding elders in member facilities across the state.  Many of the honorees were in attendance at this year’s luncheon and their public comments were both inspiring and gratifying to those tasked with their care.  

    This week we will attend the LeadingAge Kansas Spring Convention and Expo in Wichita. With a host of interesting sessions and national speakers the convention is sure to be a great opportunity for professional growth and networking.  

    Don’t forget the next KACE professional development courses will be a workshop on assisted living regulations that will be offered May 5th in Wichita and May 13th in Topeka. To learn more or to register, visit the KACE Professional Development Calendar

  • 13 Apr 2015 11:30 AM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    The KACE Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Program has been very successful in preparing students to pass the state and national licensing exams, resulting in much appreciated interest in the program from aspiring administrators.  However, in some cases it has been difficult for students to find a Preceptor to supervise their training.  Do you know what it takes to be a Preceptor?  It’s easier than you think.  The state requires the following:

    • Have at least 3 years of full-time experience or a total of 5,000 hours of experience within the preceding five years as a licensed administrator of a qualified facility.
    • Hold a current administrator license in good standing.
    • Be the full-time administrator of record or a licensed administrator who directly supervises the administrator of record in the facility.

    Preceptors receive 15 hours of continuing education credit for each trainee they supervise (7.5 hours in resident care and 7.5 hours in administration.)  An administrator can supervise up to two AITs at a time.  KACE also facilitates working with our AITs by providing new Preceptors with a complimentary copy of The NAB Five-Step Program Administrator-In-Training Internship Manual for Nursing Home Administrators

    Please consider becoming a Preceptor  - the commitment is relatively short and the benefit to the new administrator is immeasurable.  Contact the KACE office at 785-273-4393 for more information or if you are interested in becoming a Preceptor.

    The next KACE professional development courses will be a number of workshops on assisted living regulations that will be offered May 5th in Wichita and May 13th in Topeka.  To learn more or to register, visit the KACE Professional Development Calendar 

  • 06 Apr 2015 11:10 AM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)


    View of the Topeka Joint Provider Seminar compliments of Gary Fowler, KACE Board Member

    KACE staff had the pleasure of spending a considerable amount of time with our Joint Provider speakers, Sue Ann Guildermann and Linda Shell last week.   The speakers have decades of experience in the adult care field and shared fascinating stories of their experiences as nurses and the progress made in the care of elders over time.    Their presentations on fall and accident prevention and improving the quality of resident sleep brought the latest research and innovations in this area to Kansas.

    The next KACE professional development courses will be a number of workshops on assisted living regulations that will be offered May 5th in Wichita and May 13th in Topeka.  

    To learn more or to register, visit the KACE Professional Development Calendar.

  • 30 Mar 2015 10:14 AM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)
    We are excited that Joint Provider week is finally here! The first Joint Provider seminar will be on Tuesday in Wichita followed by a session with the same content in Topeka on Wednesday. Our speakers, Sue Ann Guildermann and Linda Shell, are nationally known experts on fall and accident prevention in skilled nursing facilities. KACE members that have attended past presentations by Sue Ann Guildermann are very enthusiastic about having her in Kansas and we look forward to learning from her great depth of knowledge and that of her colleague, Linda Shell.

    In response to the relatively large number of notices received from CMS recently, we have begun bundling them to cut down on the number of individual emails members receive from us. So look for those CMS bundles in your email inbox and please let us know if you have difficulties viewing them.

    Don’t forget to check the KACE Professional Development Calendar periodically. The next courses on the horizon are a series of workshops on assisted living regulations May 5th in Wichita and May 13th in Topeka.

  • 23 Mar 2015 3:59 PM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    KDADS has announced that they will start conducting exclusionary checks of owners and managing employees for nursing facility providers at the beginning of April. These checks are required by federal regulation and the cost of the checks is set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) at $553 for 2015. (The fee applies to each nursing facility.) Look for notices to start going out from KDADS on April 1 using the same email list that is used to distribute rates. More information will be available soon on the KACE website.

    Also in April, KDADS will host a no-cost educational summit for HCBS consumers, family members, providers and professionals. The summit will be held on April 13th and 14th at the Capitol Plaza in Topeka. The conference will include a half day provider and professional track on Monday, April 13th and an all-day consumer, caregiver and provider track on Tuesday, April 14th. More information is available on the KDADS website (

    It’s not too late to register for the Joint Provider Seminar on Fall and Accident Prevention next week. Speakers Sue Ann Guildermann and Linda Shell will be in Wichita on Tuesday, March 31st and in Topeka on Wednesday, April 1st.  Visit the KACE Professional Development Calendar for more information and to register.

  • 16 Mar 2015 3:12 PM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)
    The Joint Provider Seminar is only two weeks away. We are very fortunate to have Sue Ann Guildermann and Linda Shell, national experts in the adult care field, coming to Kansas to share the latest updates and innovations in fall and accident prevention. They will be in Wichita Tuesday, March 31st and in Topeka, April 1st. Register today to reserve your spot. Also don’t forget to register for the “What You Always Wanted to Know about Assisted Living Regulations” workshop on May 5 in Wichita and May 13 in Topeka. For more information about these or any upcoming KACE courses visit: Professional Development Calendar

    I enjoyed meeting many of the members, vendors and colleagues that make KACE great at the Tanner-Foster Conference in Manhattan last week. The weather cooperated and we were delighted with the turnout at the conference. In fact, we were so pleased with our experience in Manhattan we are planning to hold the conference there again next winter.

    I hope you have a chance to enjoy the beautiful spring weather this week! As always, I welcome your comments, questions and concerns.

  • 09 Mar 2015 12:49 PM | Bill Tofflemire (Administrator)

    Happy Long Term Care Administrator’s week!  This is an exciting week at KACE.  On Monday we are in Manhattan hosting the last of five workshops on nursing facility regulations with speaker, Audrey Sunderraj, Director of Survey and Certification at KDADS.  The week continues in Manhattan with the Tanner-Foster Conference Tuesday and Wednesday.  Finally on Friday we will host a group of Administrators-in-Training (AITs) for KACE Day-in-Topeka where they will be introduced to associations and agencies impacting the adult care field in Kansas.  Friday also is the next meeting of the Board of Adult Care Home Administrators (BACHA) and the AITs will have the opportunity to observe the board deliberations.

    The beautiful weather this week is a nice reminder that summer is coming and with it the KACE Convention in Wichita the third week of August.  The week will kick off with the annual golf tournament and presession on Tuesday, August 18 and the full convention is scheduled for Wednesday, August 19 through Friday, August 21.  Convention planning is underway and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on speakers and sessions.  We also are still looking for someone to chair the silent auction so please send me an email if you are interested.  (  Pre-registration is open for vendors on the KACE Professional Development Calendar.

    I hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!

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